The USS Basilone, was decommissioned in 1977. She was definitely an in charge Sergeant,but was well respected because she too could lead. As in most documentary/films some of the scenes and portrails of Lena were not quite right. It seems her Upgrade to Sgt . It the untold storys you eventually get to hear that you never forget Im so glad that this was shared, Marie: Lena was the pioneer for what the post WWII Marine corps would be today.Women are playing a vital role in what occurs in the modern USMC today. Stella. He is often discussed in Marine Corps history classes but no one ever mentions that his wife was a Marine too. I know she would enrich my life. Celebrity Birthdays; Celebrity Deaths; . Doesnt make sense to me at all, along with returning his medal of honor and insurance to his family. While the enemy was hammering at the Marines' defensive positions, Sgt. I guess we all have our way to remember those important to us. John Basilone was born to be a United States Marine. My father served in the Pacific and took part in the Central Pacific and Palau campaign(Peleliu). Barbara Garner. I again support Lenas generation and love what she did. I believe they had no further contact with her. Jesse:Do not ever feel disappointed that you could not serve.We volunteered as did the Basilones. I am a retired US Army medic that served for 33 1/2 years. The homecoming parade occurred on Sunday, September 19 and drew a huge crowd with thousands of people, including politicians, celebrities, and the national press. Marine Corp veteran Korea Bongiovi Funeral Home, Raritan, NJ Courier News Sep. 7, 2022 Obituary of Donald Basilone Donald Basilone, 92, of Newport Richie, died August 13, 2022. His love for her was her memorial. To apply for a WMA Emergency Grant, you must complete the online application form and provide documentation of your financial emergency. That was their mistake. That she and Gunnery Sgt. Widowed Unfortunately, Basilone was killed in action on Iwo Jima. I agree with you, for theres more to the story then meets the eye. I warmly greet. On July 3, 1944, he reenlisted in the Marine Corps. My dad fought in the Peleliu campaign. Lena Basilone was a very independent and rugged individual, who epitomized what the USMC is all about. Peleliu,Iwo Jima,Guadalcanal,New Britian,and Okinawa were among the toughest campaigns in tough conditions to fight.We had tough during VietNam with equal intensity.I marvel at these heroes, who adapted and overcame very tenacious and determined to die foes.This miniseries told it like it was. Janet Bowman Johnson is looking for anyone stationed at Camp Pendleton in 1965-66, and/or who attended Boot Camp February, March of 1965 at CamPen sge originally worked at Battalion Hqtrs, then at the Training Aids Library Read about Elize McKelvey and her unique job. The tickets are free but . Virginia Grey is now deceased. Basilone's wife, Lena Mae, never remarried. However, in my research: Ive discovered several factual errors in the miniseries re: the episodes showing the courtship of John and Lena. I have to just say Thank you to everyone who is in any branch of the military who reads this. Semper FI, Both tremendous Marines who loved each other and their country. : My dad was the same way even though. He left for Camp Pendleton, California, for training on December 27. Paul I want to learn about Nam because what my commanders in Basic, AIT, and even in units I later joined trained this old medic in Vietnam methods, tactics and how to stay alive, especially when the cry medic was heard, aka our fatal flaw. Stouthearted and indomitable, Gunnery Sergeant BASILONE, by his intrepid initiative, outstanding skill, and valiant spirit of self-sacrifice in the face of the fanatic opposition, contributed materially to the advance of his company during the early critical period of the assault, and his unwavering devotion to duty throughout the bitter conflict was an inspiration to his comrades and reflects the highest credit upon Gunnery Sergeant BASILONE and the United States Naval Service. Thanks for the kind words. Thats a hard thing to take, but she took it and carried on. And your efforts have been repaid many times over I am sure, by those who now know more about her. Robin: Ask Barbara About what Lena said I dont want to bother anyone because she was like a daughter to Lena. I found Lena in both the 1930 and 1940 censusand was very surprised and excited to learn that not only was she an Oregonian, shes was basically for me a local girl! She was raised and lived and worked in places less than an hours drive from where I live now! Basilone moved an extra gun into position and maintained continual fire against the incoming Japanese forces. Your email address will not be published. Hi Sabrina, did you ever write about Sgt Lena Basilone? The USS Basilone, a Gearing -class destroyer sponsored by Basilone's wife Lena, was laid down and launched in 1945 and commissioned in 1949. "That was our first real look, up close, at the war."-John Basilone. She was buried at Riverside National Cemetary at her request. Keep up the good work Women Marines Association! Despite their supply lines having been cut off by enemies who had infiltrated into the rear, Basilone fought through hostile ground to resupply his heavy machine gunners with urgently needed supplies. Some familys recognized that the problem existed after the war and helped them. Parents Salvatore and Theadora Basilone. America was so much better i am sure. Was your father on the bridge when that occurred? [14] They were married at St. Mary's Star of the Sea Church in Oceanside, California, on July 10, 1944, with a reception at the Carlsbad Hotel. I grew up learning all about both of them.The Marines were blessed to have these soldiers.This is why we are a free country by their mere presence John Basilone, a recipient of the . He is one of the reasons why I joined the Marine Corp! This has been an exclusively a mans kingdom. They definitely did not wear cute little feminine skirted waitress type uniforms. On her 32nd birthday she receive word of Johns death on Iwo Jima.He was one of the many who laid their lives down for not only fellow Marines, but also for US Army airmen in crippled B29s who could not return to the Mariana Island base and would have had to face the perils of the Pacific. I have had 7 combat campaigns to boot too Lena was not not much for publicity and kept a low profile. That kept me young at heart, As a medic, who has PTSD I gotta get out or let it all hang out. Giving Johns Medal of Honor to his Mom and Dad was a selfless and gracious gift . SSG RickDoc Borenstein US Army (Ret). David: World War II in the Pacific was a war I hope humankind doesnt engage n again for a while. She helped a lot of soldiers out throughout her long life of service.I thing she wanted to remain in the background. Wow! I wish I had an opportunity to know her more closely. John Basilone. She even said when you had the best,who wants the rest especially after John was killed at Iwo Jima. Lena saw to it that I got the care I needed that day and helped me work through the system there. I kind of figured Lenas headsone would not be in the location it was supposed to be. Ca.. broward health medical center human resources phone number; steve watson obituary poplar bluff mo They exhibited little gratitude when she gave the family the medal and insurance proceeds. Through smoke and screaming and the crush of mortar fire, John Basilone never faltered. Their sacrifice was NOT in vain. I caught heck from Mom for not writing. I found your blog by chance and thoroughly enjoyed this article about Lena. What a shame she is not buried with her husband. In February 1945, he was killed in action on the first day of the invasion of Iwo Jima, after he single-handedly destroyed an enemy blockhouse and led a Marine tank under fire safely through a minefield. Date of Death : February 19, 1945, Iwo Jima Airport / Iohjima Airport / Iohtoh Airport, Ogasawara, Tokyo, Japan : Place of Birth : Buffalo : Country: . We spoke once, I am Lena Riggi BAsilones niece, Lost your number in Computer world of storms. Sergeant John Basilone's legacy is one of the most expansive and visible in Marine Corps history. I myself was never able to enlist or join any branch of the service due to many medical issues, but I had tried many times. I suspect she feared if she was buried next to John, that might have dredged up old wounds with the family. News of John's death, which had occurred on February 19th, 1945, did not reach home until March 8th, 1945, a Thursday. We both turned down comissions to be officers many times in spite of field commanders and general recommendations. If Gy Basilone, one of the greatest Marines who ever lived, had respect for a Woman Marine enough to marry one, then they need to show respect, too! "My heart is full of both sadness and joy today," Imbese said after the ceremony. We spent many, many hours together and even though her Johnny had been killed many years before she had a way of talking about him that made me feel I knew him personally. She is interviewing Iwo Jima Marines and those who knew her Uncle. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism and died in February 1945 during the invasion of Iwo Jima. Thank you, to the Sergeants Basilone for their service, and may God have united you again in heaven. Thanks, Dave. As I have commented she was a LEGEND as was John. During her time there she met John Basilone, a Marine and the first United States decorated World War II hero. Here is all of the publicly released testimony by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in one place. Take care, SSG RickDoc Borenstein,US Army Medical Dept, (ret). Then, John marries this stranger and he focuses on her instead of the family.My opinion is they were terribly jealous of her and blamed her for taking away their son and brother. John Basilone MoH. Basilone: Directed by David Nutter. They will forever belong to a Band of Brothers and Sisters who willingly served this Country when she called. My uncle Murray a medic did duty with the USMC and Army on Okinawa, My other uncle Dwight did a week on Iwo Jima before he was wounded twice and got oft the Island. Doc Johnny was definitely the love of her life! One must remember that Sgt Basilone volunteer to return to battle which he did not have too being a MOH recipient. Their bomber was called Cabin In the sky. My dad and I were medics, My dad fought alongside the Marines as an Army medic.He saw battle in the Marshall,Marianas islands and Peleliu.We looked like the infantry,because we carried rifles,and other weapons as we needed to protect our selves as well as patients. A piece of their son to cling to , to assuage their pain . She was definitely not impressed with his celebrity status. Maybe a bio or maybe a fictionalized with fact sort of book ala Alex Haileys Rootsbut we shall see what we shall see. I also had the chance to tell her about Sgt. Charles "Check" Tatum. Bullets hit him in the right groin, the neck, and just about blew off his left arm completely. I guess she told her friend Barbara that she didnt want to bother anyone which is silly. I served from Dec 73 to Jun 2007 in the Army and Air Force. [20], He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, in Arlington, Virginia. Please feel free to email me at the address below or, I just want to say what a beautiful story of your meeting and becoming her friend. They were good examples which I followed. He was sent home to sell. To me John was a legend whose legacy will not be matched for a long time. They both are heros of mine. [2] He was the sixth of ten children. The Marine Corps denied his request and told him he was needed more on the home front. I have seen what they went through and it mirrors my own combat experiences,5 deployments worth.since 1991 to 2007.Lena Basilone and John were my heros and did their jobs to what they knew was their best. On Camp Pendelton, there is an entry point to the base from Interstate 5 called "Basilone Road." During her time there she met John Basilone, a Marine and the first United States decorated World War II hero. Women Marines are such an important part of the Marine Corps.
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